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Fussy Eaters


I recently attended a talk by leading baby and child Nutritionist Leanne Cooper.  An interesting topic she focused on was fussy eating during the toddler years.  My little one is only 9 months old but this is a stage I fear her going through.  Even though I am feeding her the healthiest and nourishing of foods, this is a stage that as parents, we find it hard to deal with and sometimes feel we can’t control, but there are ways you can!

Some interesting facts:

  • It is hard nutritionally on parents/ guardians – don’t blame yourself
  • It is a normal, natural process
  • It will pass (some longer than others)

Ways to deal with fussy eaters:

  • Toddlers as they grow can become inquisitive and want to know what they are eating and why they are eating it
  • Take the children to the shops or farmers market with you
  • Allow them to pick out (certain!) foods
  • Involve them in everything from setting the table to preparing and cooking meals
  • An oldie but a goodie – sneak vegetables into meals but grating all types – one thing I loved, grating zucchini into a homemade healthy chocolate cake!
  • Other mild tasty vegetables such as carrot and celery can also be snuck into almost anything!
  • Keep the kitchen a happy, fun place and enjoy meals together 

When to worry?

  • If you have concerns that your child is underweight and doesn’t appear to be growing consult a health professional
  • Alternatively a plumper child may not be eating correctly and lacking certain nutrients essential for growth and development
  • Watch for signs that your child is eating the way they should be

Good luck.  If you have any other ideas, feel free to share!

Happy Eating!

Kim Holmes

Kim Holmes


Kim Holmes is Platinum Pre School's preffered Nutritionist, she writes specifically tailored articles for the Platinum Newsletter and advises our staff on questions related to childhood nutrition. 

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