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Community Spirit Award WINNERS!


Platinum Pre School is the 2014 Winner of the Kids In The East Community Spirit Award

We were very proud to recently be named The Kids in the East 2014 Winner of their Community Spirit Award. The Eastern Suburbs Business and Community Awards are designed to recognise outstanding examples of local businesses that have been doing amazing things throughout the year for local families, whether that be in their family-friendly service, the options they provide for kids, or their activity in the local family community.

They also celebrate local mums in business as the number of self-employed women continuing to grow at a rapid rate, and think it’s important to recognise and encourage kids who are doing great things in business, and have a special award for young people (13 and under) who are emerging entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers.

Kids in the East, is a magazine and website catering to parents in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. To read their most recent publication or to find out what is happening in your area CLICK HERE.


New Platinum Philosophy


Every year it is important to revise our Vision, Mission and Philosophy, and this year we have combined the three to create a ‘Statement of Philosophy’, in line with the requirements of the National Quality Standard.

“A statement of philosophy is more than a mission statement. The philosophy is the ‘why’ behind your work with children, their families and each other. It is the combination of your beliefs, values and hopes for the educational program that you provide and its outcomes.”

(Barnes, H., 2012, Revising the Service Philosophy, NQS PLP e-Newsletter No. 28 2012)

In order to create this, we went through a process with a series of stages.

  • Reflecting on our previous Vision, Mission and Philosophy and thinking about what was in there that was still important to us and reflected our beliefs, values and hopes.

  • Looking at the responses from the parent survey conducted at the end of last year, and drawing out elements that were important to our families.

  • Consulting the Guide to the National Quality Standard and ensuring that the guiding principles to improve quality at services were met.

  • Redesigning our statement of philosophy to incorporate all of the above.

We now feel like we have a sense of ownership of our philosophy, that effectively reflects our values, beliefs and hopes and underpins our decisions, policies and daily practices. We really value the contributions from our families and thank all those who participated. Below is our new Philosophy:

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 5.16.24 pm

Platinum Newsletter - Issue 29


Issue 29 of the Platinum Pre School Newsletter is hot off the press! Yippee!

It's full of interesting articles from our specialist writers, pre school updates and community news.


Download Newsletter - Issue 29

Welcome to our 29th newsletter,

And our first Newsletter of 2015. For those of you who are first time readers, we hope you enjoy it and find the topics informative.

Most of the articles are based around raising healthy, happy children and some are for you, the parents, to support you on your journey.

The articles are written by people who are qualified specialists with interests in supporting families. We have speech, fitness, OT (occupational therapy), nutrition and lots more. They work in our local community and are all approachable, kind, and dedicated to their profession.

We are all busy working hard and try to spend quality time with our children. Hopefully some of these articles and tips will help you enhance those precious times. Remember guilt is a wasted emotion, and it’s the quality of the times you spend with your children that they will remember.

So, put the kids to bed, grab a cup of tea or glass of wine and relax.

For those of you who have been with us for a while, thanks for your ongoing support and trusting us with your most precious gifts, your beautiful children.

Graduate Reunions


"Experiencing belonging – knowing where and with whom you belong – is integral to human existence. Children belong first to a family, a cultural group, a neighbourhood and a wider community. Belonging acknowledges children’s interdependence with others and the basis of relationships in defining identities. In early childhood, and throughout life, relationships are crucial to a sense of belonging. Belonging is central to being and becoming in that it shapes who children are and who they can become."

(quoted from the Early Years Learning Framework)

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 12.02.05 pmAt both our Randwick and Prestons campuses, we recently invited our 2014 graduates back to visit us and tell us all about their experiences so far at big school. Through our strong focus on school readiness and implementing the philosophies of the the Early Years Learning Framework we were very proud to see that all our graduates are thriving and are already developing a strong sense of belonging within their primary school environments.
We are confident that the social, emotional and academic skills that we helped our students to develop have been an important aspect of making their transition so smooth. Feedback from our graduates parents is a lovely example of just a few of the benefits that having your child attend a Platinum Pre School can have:
"Sophie is loving school and doing very well. She loves homework, writing, news and can count confidently to 100. Next Friday she will be opening the 1st kindergarten assembly of the year on the microphone! You have prepared her beautifully for "big school" . Well done Platinum!"
"Would like you to pass this message to all the teacher at platinum, would like to thank them for all the work they have done with Marco as he doing very well at school and his teacher is amazed with his knowledge on certain things and how he is able to follow instructions this would not be the case without the teachers and there educational fun program's that they did with Marco, Thank you again Platinum Pre School Marco misses you all"

Mindfulness at Platinum


This year, one of our fantastic new staff members, Bernadette Cogin will be working with the Platinum staff to develop and slowly and gently introduce the practice of MINDFULNESS MEDITATION to the children at Platinum. 

MINDFULNESS MEDITATION is a focused practice of thinking in the NOW.

When we practice MINDFULNESS MEDITATION we are:

  • Focusing on the present
  • Breaking the cycle of thought patterns that focus on past events or things that might be going to happen in the future
  • Intentionally focusing on what’s happening around you and inside you IN THIS MOMENT

Mindfulness is not a practice we master or finish learning.

There is no right or wrong way to practice, no judgements and no winners. 

Anyone can practice Mindfulness. 

But it is only beneficial, if we keep practicing!!

Research is showing MINDFULNESS MEDITATION practice can:

  • Help to clear your head and improve mental health
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Help to slow down your thoughts and reduce anxiety
  • Increase concentration and memory 
  • Aid relaxation
  • Reduce stress

We will include some of the Mindfulness practices and techniques in weekly newsletters so you can continue the practice at home.

Mindfulness Meditation is also supported through the Outcomes, Standards and Elements of the Early Years Learning Framework below:


• Children become strong in their social and emotional wellbeing

• Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing

Standard 2.1 Each child’s health is promoted.

Element 2.1.2 - Each child’s comfort is provided for and there are appropriate opportunities to meet each child’s need for sleep, rest and relaxation.

If  any parents have suggestions or techniques they use at home or would like to chat and get more details, please contact bernadette at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

So stay tuned as we attempt to show your children the skills to experience life AS IT IS HAPPENING.

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